The idea of ELLAGRACE was born during a global pandemic in 2020 when 3 friends who have previously worked together in the fashion industry decided on a new venture with a full year of planning and creating in the heart of Dublin, Ireland.

ELLAGRACE was launched in 2021. the vision of ELLAGRACE is to supply sustainable, long lasting, affordable jewellery and importantly, to create a brand that is inclusive and empowering.

What we're all about!

Meaningful pieces
We focus on stylish personal designs that you’ll want to wear every day. We want your jewellery to feel special and make your inner sparkle shine. We create designs filled with thoughtful touches to represent you.

Quality that's made to last. All of our pieces are made from Stainless steel. Stainless steel is a sustainable material as its long term life makes it an idea environmental performer in comparison to other metals. It is fully recyclable and can be re purposed over and over without losing its durability or tarnish free resistance. It is not harmful or toxic to the environment.

All our products come with a Quality Promise. We keep our prices affordable for you, so you can refresh your styles & wear your accessories everyday.

Designed in-house by us, for you
Our products are designed in-house, in Ireland. We understand that your style is a representation of your personality, so it has to be as unique and beautiful as you are. We’re dedicated to designing styles that you’ll treasure for years to come.